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Furcoco Coco Tonic


宠物防嗮 抗脱发 缓解皮肤

Pet Sunscreen / Vitamin E / Dry and Itchy Skin/ Brighten Hair 50ML

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Specially formulated for pet’s skin&coat

✨ Works effectively in refreshing and moisturizing pet’s skin and coat.

✨ Sunscreen for pets

✨ Relief for dry, itchy, irritated skin, sun burns and hot spots.

✨ Fast absorbing, silicone-free treatment that consists of Virgin coconut oil & Vitamin E

✨ Shinier & healthier coat


Usage directions:

👉 Pump Small Amount of Serum on hand.

👉 Apply evenly on pet’s fur.

👉 Let it dry, No rinse needed.


Coco Tonic宠物毛发补品☀️

🌸 预防紫外线造成的伤害

🌸 补充维生素E

🌸 缓解瘙痒部位

🌸 紫外线防护

🌸 让毛发更亮丽

Additional information

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Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 cm


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