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Egg Shell Powder


蛋壳粉 分装 小宠 仓鼠 蜗牛 猫狗 补钙 钙质 营养 维他命

Repack Small Pets Hamster Snail Dog Cat Calcium Supplement


Natural Eggshell Powder

✨ Suitable for – Hamsters, Snails and Other Small Pets, Cats, Dogs

✨ Function – Calcium Supplement


Eggshell powder is a natural calcium supplement for pets. Contrary to meat, egg shell is a natural food material with high calcium and low phosphorus. Adding eggshell powder to the pet’s daily diet can not only supplement calcium, but also allow them to achieve an appropriate calcium-phosphorus ratio and improve the efficiency of nutrient absorption.



✨ 适用对象 – 仓鼠,蜗牛等小宠,猫,狗

✨ 功用 – 补充宠物钙质


Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions10 × 15 × 3 cm

50GM, 100GM


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