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Eco Forest Dwarf Hamster Diet



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Eco Forest Dwarf Hamster Diet

👉 Low-sugar and low-fat cereal ingredients are used to achieve a good taste on the basis of nutrition and health!

👉 Added plant herb petals, a reasonable combination of vegetables and dietary fiber, to provide sufficient prebiotic substances for the pet’s intestine

👉 No synthetic pigments, synthetic inducers, stool coagulants, genetically modified food, growth hormones, and antibiotics

👉 25+ real materials

Repack 100g are repacked in vacuum packaging.



👉 采用低糖低脂谷物成分,在营养健康的基础上实现了良好的口感!

👉 添加了植物草本花瓣,合理的搭配蔬菜和膳食纤维,为小宠的肠道提供充足的益生元物质

👉 不添加合成色素,合成诱导剂,粪便凝固剂转基因食,生长激素,材抗生素

👉 25+真材实料

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