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DearDeal Nutritional Oil


Fish Oil Krill Oil Hullesbarley Oil for Dog/Cat

萌宠出动 猫犬通用健康鱼油补充剂 5g美毛护肤眼部发育呵护关节


👉 Suitable for both cat & dog

👉 Selling in packet


Fish Oil 5g

✨ 90% pure deep-sea fish oil

✨ Golden ratio: DHA = 3:2

✨ Independent small package, fish oil is not easy to oxidize

✨ Emulsification process, easy to absorb

✨ No fishy smell, better palatability

✨ Nourishing the heart and brain, beautifying hair and skin care


Krill Oil 4g

✨ 1 packet of emulsified Antarctic krill oil = 5 capsules of ordinary fish oil

✨ Rich in phospholipid-type OMEGA 3 & astaxanthin and other elements,

✨ Can be directly absorbed at high speed to play the role of anti-oxidation, improve skin & coat condition, and it can also improve immunity


Hullesbarley oil 4g

✨ Select the tender seedlings of highland barley on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, high in plant fiber

✨ Helps in improve skin & coat condition


👉 猫狗通用

👉 分盒一袋袋卖


鱼油 5g

❤️ 纯度90% 天然深海鱼油

❤️ 黄金配比: DHA = 3:2

❤️ 独立小包装,鱼油不容易氧化

❤️ 乳化工艺,容易吸收

❤️ 闻起来无鱼腥味,适口性更佳

❤️ 养护心脑,美毛护肤


磷虾油 4g

❤️ 袋乳化南极磷虾油=5粒普通鱼油

❤️ 富含磷脂型OMEGA 3 & 虾青素等元素,

❤️ 可以高速直接被吸收起到抗氧化,美毛护肤的功效,还能提高免疫力


青稞苗油 4g

❤️ 甄选青藏高原青稞嫩苗,高植物纤维

❤️ 美毛化毛,美毛固毛

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Fish Oil, Krill Oil, Hullesbarley Oil


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