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CATURE Fresh Scent Beads



Cat Litter Deodorizer Odor Removal 450ML

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✨ Deodorize cat litter & inhibits bacteria

✨ Suitable for all type of cat litter & cat toilets

✨ Remove odour by fiber technology

✨ No harmful ingredients added

✨ Efficient antibacterial

✨ Continuous freshness


Available Scent:

1. Ocean (Blue)

2. Floral (Pink)

3. Grassy (Green)


❤ Usage direction:

Just sprinkle on cat litter. Sprinkle some beads (1/3 of the cap, about 45ML) in Cat toilet. Dosage can be repeated after the fragrance has been volatilized. Due to different environments, 450ML could be used for up to 30-45 days.



Fluff Pulp, Diatomite, Deodorizer, Bacteriostatic, Fragrance

⚠ Cannot be diluted in the water ⚠


✨ 消除异味,一罐搞定

✨ 颗粒表面经过磨毛处理,增大消臭珠和异味的接触面,抑制细菌滋生

✨ 纤维与分子科技,非掩盖,真去味

✨ 以天然植物纤维为主原料,安全无毒

✨ 特别增加抑菌成分,让猫砂盆不在是细菌滋生的温床

✨ 随心添加,持久留香。一瓶越可用10次,效果共持久30-45天,可根据个人习惯增减使用量,以调节香味强弱


❤ 使用方法

只需洒在猫砂上即可。在猫厕所中撒一些珠子(瓶盖的 1/3,约 45 毫升)。香味变淡后可再根据喜好添加。

⚠ 本品不融于水,请勿丢弃抽水马桶 ⚠

Additional information

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Dimensions15 × 8 × 8 cm

Ocean, Floral, Grassy


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