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Cator Goat Milk Soup Cat Canned


喵彩补水山羊奶汤罐 鸡汤 鱼汤 牛汤 鸭汤 150ML

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PetCoCo is officially authorized by Cator to sell its products~


Soup is a good helper to reduce the chance of cats suffering from urinary tract diseases!


✨ Rich in amino acids, vitamin B1, B2, potassium, niacin, etc.

✨ Grain free, made from fresh meat, not frozen meat

✨ Made from zero lactose sterilized fresh goat milk

✨ Suitable for kitten / cat above 3 months old


Available in 4 flavours:

☞Tuna Soup + Goat Milk

🐟Enriched with Omega 3, Omega 6, EPA/DHA, it helps cat hair and skin health


☞Chicken Soup + Goat milk

🐓Chicken is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can promote cats’ cholesterol metabolism and reduce the burden on cats’ internal organs


☞Beef Soup + Goat milk

🐂Beef contains vitamin B, which helps cats to metabolize excess fat


☞Duck Soup + Goat milk

🦆Duck meat is rich in vitamin B, which can help cats to clear away heat and reduce heat and relieve bad mood.


Ingredients: tuna, chicken, beef, duck, water, goat milk, fish oil

Additive: Taurine, amino acids, lecithin, multivitamins (A, D3, E) and minerals (amino acid complexed with zinc, amino acid complexed with copper, amino acid complexed with manganese)


❤ Vitamin A helps metabolic function

❤ Minerals help physiological functions

❤ Taurine helps in cat’s eyesight

❤ Fish Oil helps in skin care & shiny hair



⚠ PetCoCo是已获得喵彩官方授权哦~




✨ 富含氨基酸、维生素B1、B2、钾、烟酸等。

✨ 不含谷物,由新鲜肉类制成,而非冷冻肉

✨ 由零乳糖消毒的新鲜山羊奶制成

✨ 适用于3个月以上的小猫/猫




🐟富含Omega 3、Omega 6、EPA/DHA,有助于猫毛和皮肤健康














❤ 维生素 A 有助于代谢功能

❤ 矿物质有助于生理机能

❤ 牛磺酸有助于猫的视力

❤ 鱼油有助于护肤和有光泽的头发

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