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Cator 1:1:1 Cat Canned Food Wet Food


喵彩1:1:1 汤汁均衡无谷猫罐头 85GM

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PetCoCo is officially authorized by Cator to sell its products~


*** One set = 6 cans

COMPLEMENTARY food, not main food for cat

Suitable for kitten / cat above 3 months old


Contain 3 types of meats in 1 can (33% Beef meat, 33% Tuna, 33% Chicken breast), best in preventing cats become picky eater.

A balanced mix of various raw materials, more in line with cats’ health needs

Every can come with lid and spoon


✔ Grain Free formulation

✔ Rich in Taurine, Human Grade Food

✔ Contain Soup & easy to digest

✔ Help your cat drink more water

❌ No addictive

❌ No jelly


Ingredients: Tuna, Chicken Breast, Beef, Water, Beef Bone

Additives: Taurine, glycine, locust bean gum, lecithin, multivitamins (A, D3, E) and minerals (amino acid complexed with zinc, amino acid complexed with manganese, amino acid complexed with copper)


Feeding & Storage method:

👉 1 – 2 can per day for 3kg adult cat, you may adjust the feeding portion according to your pet’s weight, appetite and health condition.

👉 Keep at a dry place, room temperature and avoid sunlight.

👉 Kindly keep in fridge if cannot finish in one meal and finish it within 48 hours.



⚠ PetCoCo是已获得喵彩官方授权哦~


*** 一套 = 6 罐

✨ 这是副食罐,不是主食罐

✨ 适用于3个月以上的小猫/猫

✨ 一罐含 3 种肉类(33% 牛肉、33% 金枪鱼、33% 鸡胸肉),是挑食猫的救星!!!

✨ 多种原料均衡搭配,更符合猫咪的健康需求

✨ 每个都可以带盖子和勺子

✨ 无谷配方

✨ 富含牛磺酸,人类级食品

✨ 含汤且易于消化

✨ 帮助您的猫多喝水

❌ 无诱食剂,无添加剂

❌ 零果冻






👉 3公斤成年猫每天1 – 2罐,您可以根据宠物的体重,食欲和健康状况调整喂食量。

👉 保存在干燥、室温的地方,避免阳光照射。

👉 一餐吃不完请放入冰箱冷藏,并在48小时内吃完

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