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Catnip Wood Matatabi


木天蓼 猫薄荷磨牙棒去毛球猫咪玩具 5 根

Teeth Cleaning Cat Molar Chew Stick 5 Sticks

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✨ Length-about 11CM

✨ Help the intestines and stomach get rid of hair bulbs and make the digestion & intestines smoother

✨ Wild Matatabi contains kiwifruit alkaloid, and most cats will be more relaxed after smelling it

✨ Can be used as a cat stick to play with cats

✨ Target users – Kitten / Cats over 3 months old

✨ Usage Direction -Use a knife to peel off the stick skin and expose the white branches. After using for a period of time, you can repeat the peeling off to restore the previous effect

⚠Each cat’s gastrointestinal system is different, so Matatabi may not be suitable for your cat.

⚠Each cat has a different body system, so be careful not to take a large amount the first time.

⚠ The scent contained in Matatabi will cause cats to roll, rubbing and other estrus-like reactions, which will be relieved after 20-30 minutes. It may not be the true estrus.




✨ 野生木天蓼中含有猕猴桃碱,大部分猫咪闻了心情会比较放松

✨ 可以当做逗猫棒与猫咪玩耍

✨ 长度 – 大概11CM 左右

✨ 使用对象 – 3个月以上的猫咪


使用方法 – 用刀削掉棒皮,露出白色枝杆给猫咪啃咬。使用一段时间后,可重复外皮削去以恢复之前的效果



⚠ 木天蓼含有的气味会让猫咪产生打滚,磨蹭等发情般的反应,会在20-30分钟后得以缓解,并非真正发情。

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