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Cat Litter Deodorant Carbon Beads


猫砂除臭珠 300g 空气净化

Absorbs Odour

Pewangi Pasir Kucing


✨ Made from high-quality activated carbon material, Helps to absorb odour from cat litter, purifying the air

✨ 100% made from Non-Toxic Formula so it is safe for cat and environment

✨ Suitable to be use with all types of cat litter

✨ Usage Direction: Add 2-3 bottle caps of deodorizing beads every time when you change a new batch of cat litter. The effect should last for 2-3 days.


✨ 由优质活性炭材料制成,有助于吸收猫砂中的异味,净化空气

✨ 100% 由无毒配方制成,因此对猫和环境都是安全的

✨ 适用于所有类型的猫砂

✨ 使用方法:每次换新一批猫砂时,加入2-3瓶除臭珠。效果应持续2-3天。

Additional information

Weight0.32 kg
Dimensions17 × 5 × 5 cm

Original, Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Apple


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