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Cat Catnip Fish Toy


猫薄荷鱼玩具 仿真鱼 猫枕头 毛绒玩具

Plush Pillow Bite Chew Doll

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✨ Made of quality plush fabric, protect your cat teeth & paws

✨ Filled with PP cotton and catnip, can make your cat excited and relieve your cat’s mood and stress

✨ Soft and cuddly, perfectly sized to cats at all age (from baby kitten to adult cats)

✨ Washable

⚠ Only 30cm & 40cm Fish has a zipper where you can put new cat nip inside 🐱

✨ Available in various design & sizes



🎈 20cm (DO NOT HAVE ZIPPER / 没有拉链)

🎈 30CM

🎈 40CM



🎈 Crucian carp 鲫鱼

🎈 Red carp红鲤鱼

🎈 Grass carp草鱼

🎈 Clownfish小丑鱼

🎈 Red Rock Fish红岩鱼

🎈 Saury秋刀鱼

🎈 Salted fish咸鱼

🎈 Arowana 金龙鱼

🎈 Red Dragon Fish红龙鱼

🎈 Silver Dragon Fish银龙鱼

🎈 Salmon三文鱼

🎈 Taiyaki鲷鱼烧

🎈 Mackerel 马鲛鱼


✨ 由优质毛绒面料制成,保护您的猫咪的牙和爪子

✨ 填充物是安全的PP棉和猫薄荷,可以让你的猫兴奋,缓解你的猫的情绪和压力

✨ 柔软材质,逼着鱼造型,适合所有年龄段的猫(从幼猫到成年猫)

✨ 可水洗

⚠ 只有 30CM 和 40CM 的鱼有拉链,你可以把新的猫薄荷放进去🐱

✨ 有多种设计和尺寸可供选择

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 3 cm

Crucian Carp, Red Carp, Grass Carp, Clownfish, Red Rock Fish, Saury, Salted fish, Arowana, Red Dragon Fish, Silver Dragon Fish, Salmon, Taiyaki, Mackerel


20CM, 30CM, 40CM


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