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BRIGHT Staple Food Cat Complete Balance Main Wet Food


布兰德理想主食包猫咪高蛋白生骨肉营养正餐 100GM

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BRIGHT Premium Cat Complete Food 100GM


Staple Food Complete Balanced Main Wet Food for Cats

**Suitable for picky eaters**


Innovate the new standard of staple food!

50% high protein

; Protein is the most important source of energy for animals, and high-quality protein content is an important criterion for evaluating a staple food.

14% suitable fat

; 99.5% is animal fat, high-quality fat source can better supplement the cat’s daily needs.

75% natural water content

; The staple food package with high water content allows cats to take the necessary water actively and prevent urinary diseases caused by lack of water.

42 nutritional requirements

; 12 kinds of amino acids, 10 kinds of vitamins, 12 kinds of minerals, 8 kinds of protein and other basic indicators, which meet the 42 kinds of nutritional needs of cats.


International certification is no problem!


√ fediaf

√ GB/T


【High meat content】

96.5% meat content after removing the soup

Fresh meat, delicate meat, healthy and easier to absorb

【Add raw bone and meat formula】

Bone is an ideal source of calcium for cats, and the absorption rate is much higher than the extra calcium added later

【75% water content】

Conventional dry food is less than 10% water, while the staple food package improves more nutrients, it supplements the cat’s daily water intake and prevents common urinary problems

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Weight0.11 kg
Dimensions14.00 × 11.00 × 1.00 cm

Chicken, Beef, Dove, Cod Fish


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