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Breeder‘s Secret Collagen Bone Broth For Cat/Dog


繁育者的秘密胶原蛋白 纯骨汤 补水营养汤包 355GM

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✨ No preservations

✨ Made from human grade ingredients

✨ Suitable for pets who doesn’t like to drink water

✨ Rich sources of collagen

✨ Can be fed together with kibbles or freeze dried food

✨ Shake well before feeding


❤️ 无添加防腐剂

❤️ 符合人类食品安全

❤️ 适合不爱喝水的宠物

❤️ 文火慢炖,富含胶原蛋白

❤️ 打开后可直接喂食,可以拌与干粮喂食,亦可作为冻干复水

❤️ 开前摇匀


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