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Breeder Selection Professional Guinea Pig Food



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Breeder Selection Professional Guinea Pig Food 2KG


✨ Ingredients:

Wheat, lucerne, sunflower seed meals, soy hull, beet pulp, cane molasses. Corn gluten, barley, soy meal, oat, palm fattt y acids, sodium chloride, vegetable oil anf fats, calcium carbonate



Crude protein 17.4%

Crude fat 3.0%

Crude fiber 18.8%

Crude ash 7.8%

Calcium 10.0g/kg

Sodium 2.0g/kg

Sodium 2.0g/kg

Phosphorus 5.5g/kg

Lysine 8.5g/kg

Methionine 3.7g/kg


✨ Additives:

Vitamin A 15000 IE

Vitamin D-3 2400 IE

Vitamin E 150mg/kg

Vitamin c 4000mg/kg


✨ Trace element:

Iron(ii) 90mg

Copper (ii) 25mg

Manganese oxide 65mg

Zinc 150mg

Selenium 0.1mg


✨ Antioxidants:

Propyfgallate 10mg

Butylated hydroxytoluene 30mg

Additional information

Weight2.10 kg
Dimensions6.00 × 18.00 × 24.00 cm


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