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Borammy Ear Drop Cleaner


宝莱美露 耳净舒滴耳液 60ML

Antibacterial, Antifungal & Ear Mites

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Pet Ear Cleaner/ Ear Drop / Pembersih Telinga (60 ML)

✨Soothes ear infections, redness and inflammation caused by bacterial, viral, and yeast infections for pets of all ages

✨ Provides a safe, natural alternative to antibiotics with 1% Hydrocortisone for itch relief

✨ Suitable for Cat , Rabbit & Dog.


Usage Direction/ Cara menguna :

1. Shake well before use. Hold the ear flap in a vertical state, and pour a few drop of the solution into the ear canal

2. Do not let go. Gently massage the root of the ear with your hands for 30 seconds to 1 minute to spread the liquid to the entire ear canal

3. After that, let the pet shake out the solution with dirt freely

4. Clean the outside of the ear with a cotton swab until it is clean and dry

📆 Shelf Life – 3 years


宠物耳朵清洁剂/滴耳剂 (60 ML)

✨ 清洁耳垢,去除异味,


✨ 温和配方,提供安全及天然的抗生素替代品,含有 1% 氢化可的松,可止痒

✨ 适用对象 – 猫、狗和兔子。



1. 使用前先摇匀,捉握耳瓣处于垂直状态,将液体倒入耳道中,以达到冲洗状态

2. 不要松手,用手在耳根前后轻轻按摩30秒-1分钟,使液体扩散到整个耳道

3. 松手后任由宠物把污垢自由甩出

4. 用棉签清洁耳朵外部,直到清洁干爽

📆 保质期 – 3年

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