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Afu Large Cardboard House Scratcher


瓦楞猫抓板猫屋 耐用猫抓板

Hiding Spot Bed Cat House

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Cube : 41*44*39 cm

Opening : 30.5*29 cm.

✨ Comes with 6pcs of Afu 40cm Cat Scratcher in a set.

✨ Made of corrugated cardboard, non-toxic glue.

✨ Suitable for family with multiple cats, and cats that are over 10kg.

✨ High density & good quality, very long lasting


整体:41*44*39 厘米

入口处:30.5*29 厘米。

✨ 一套包含 6 件 Afu 40cm 猫抓板(可替换)

✨ 由瓦楞纸板制成,无毒胶水。

✨ 适用于有多只猫的家庭,以及超过 10 公斤的猫。

✨ 高密度和高质量,非常耐用

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Weight3.1 kg
Dimensions48 × 42 × 13 cm


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