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10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoor.

Keeping your dog busy indoors is important to prevent boredom and promote mental stimulation. Here are ten simple ways to keep your dog entertained and engaged indoors:

  1. Interactive Toys: Invest in interactive toys such as puzzle feeders or treat-dispensing toys. These toys encourage your dog to problem-solve and stay mentally active while trying to retrieve treats.
  2. Hide and Seek: Play a game of hide and seek with your dog by hiding treats or toys around the house. This game stimulates your dog’s sense of smell and keeps them engaged in searching for hidden treasures.
  3. Training Sessions: Use indoor time to work on obedience training or teach your dog new tricks. Training sessions provide mental stimulation and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.
  4. Chew Toys: Provide your dog with a variety of chew toys to keep them occupied and satisfy their natural urge to chew. Choose durable toys that are safe for your dog to chew on.
  5. Interactive Games: Play interactive games with your dog, such as tug-of-war or fetch. These games provide physical exercise and mental stimulation, keeping your dog entertained and happy.
  6. Indoor Agility Course: Create a simple indoor agility course using household items like chairs, broomsticks, and boxes. Guide your dog through the course, incorporating commands and obstacles to keep them engaged.
  7. Snuffle Mat: Use a snuffle mat to hide treats or kibble, encouraging your dog to use their sense of smell to find the food. Snuffle mats provide mental stimulation and can help calm anxious dogs.
  8. Brain Games: Play brain games with your dog, such as “find the hidden treat” or “shell game” where you hide a treat under one of three cups and have your dog guess which cup it’s under.
  9. Scent Work: Set up scent work activities where you hide scented objects or treats for your dog to find. This engages their sense of smell and provides a fun, challenging activity.
  10. Obstacle Course: Create a mini indoor obstacle course using pillows, tunnels (if you have them), and other safe items. Guide your dog through the course and reward them for completing each challenge.

Remember to supervise your dog during playtime and choose activities that are appropriate for their age, size, and energy level. Regularly rotating toys and activities can also prevent boredom and keep your dog mentally stimulated.

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